Implant Supported Bridges

Tooth loss can be challenging, as it significantly impacts your daily life. Missing teeth not only affect the aesthetics and function of your smile, they can also affect your oral health. Healthy teeth stimulate the jawbone, but when teeth are lost, the jawbone no longer receives stimulation and begins to deteriorate.

In addition, tooth loss can result in other teeth tipping into the space created by the lost tooth. This can result in gaps opening up between the remaining teeth causing issues with food packing, difficulty in cleaning and gum issues.

If you have several missing teeth along your jawline, then an implant supported bridge may be an ideal treatment option for you.

Implant Supported Bridges

Although very similar to a regular dental bridge, an implant supported bridge is attached to dental implants rather than natural teeth. Dental implants are artificial substitutes for the roots of teeth that have been lost. They are placed into your jaw and fuse with the jawbone to form a solid foundation for tooth replacement.

An implant supported bridge is a far better option than removable dentures. The implants are generally placed along the jawline where the teeth are missing, and a series of connecting crowns are then placed to form a bridge. The exact number of implants required can vary according to the quality of the remaining bone foundation, position of the teeth being replaced and the number that are missing.

Replacing multiple teeth using dental implants with an implant supported bridge gives your teeth a level of fit, feel and functionality which may be more difficult with other treatments.

At Rokeby Dental Surgery & Implant Centre, we understand the impact missing teeth can have on your life. Loss of self-confidence and difficulty chewing can all be a thing of the past, thanks to affordable, quality dental implant solutions from our Subiaco practice.

If you are searching for a reliable treatment to replace multiple missing teeth, Contact us and speak to our team of highly skilled implant dentists today.

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