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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Sometimes people find they are so anxious about Dental treatment that they are unable to have treatment carried out in the dental chair with local anaesthetic alone.

Rokeby Dental offers several options for the comfort and convenience of highly anxious patients.

General Anaesthetic

Treatment is performed under general anaesthetic at a day hospital while the patient is completely asleep and under the care of an anaesthetist. This is recommended for the extremely anxious and for multiple procedures on young children.

Chairside Deep Sedation

This is provided in our surgery for short procedures by an anaesthetist who visits us to provide a deep sedation without the need to attend hospital.

Chairside Gas Sedation

Rokeby Dental offers chairside nitrous oxide sedation for the anxious patient who can tolerate treatment under light sedation and local anaesthetic. For shorter procedures Penthrox sedative gas is also available.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk, this will be discussed thoroughly at the time of your consultation.

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