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Teeth Whitening

At Rokeby Dental, we can provide take-home teeth whitening kits or in office power teeth whitening to brighten your smile. 

Call us and ask for a price estimate, you’ll find Rokeby Dental to be the best value in Subiaco for teeth whitening!

Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

If you are just looking for a moderate lightening in tooth colour (one or two shades) or have previously had your teeth whitened, take home kits may be your ideal choice.

We fabricate custom trays for you to apply the whitening agent at home and the change in shade happens gradually over about two weeks.

Power Teeth Whitening

Power whitening is performed in our treatment rooms over the course of two hours and provides a more dramatic whitening result (up to seven shades) than the take home kits. For our power whitening, we use the Zoom system.

Zoom In-Chair Whitening has revolutionised teeth whitening with state-of-the-art, patented technology that is gentle, safe and effective. Our whitening system uses only two simple elements for dramatic results in one office visit: gel and gentle blue light.

  • This light has been clinically-proven safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums and other soft tissues.
  • The Zoom light emits virtually no heat and no harmful UV light.
  • The lamps are uniquely shaped to illuminate all smile line teeth (top and bottom) at the same time to ensure natural-looking, uniform results.
  • The gel is specifically engineered to respond to the blue wavelengths of the light system.
  • When the light illuminates the gel, it activates and safely accelerates the whitening process, achieving amazing results in just one office visit.

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