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                  A mouthguard can help protect your smile when participating in sport. Mouthguards can prevent broken teeth, jaws and limit injuries to the lips and tongue. There are two main types of mouthguard Stock- made boil and bite mouthguards- available from chemists and sports sto[...]

Have a Happy (and Healthy!) Christmas

We all love Christmas - the family fun, the presents, the decorations and of course the food! And while only a Grinch would suggest going without a sweet treat or two over Christmas, it's important to understand the effect too much sugar can have on your general and dental health. Sugar not only increases your risk of tooth decay, it has also bee[...]

Beach Volleyball Champ in Our Team

Congratulations to our Front Office Coordinator, Liz. Her Ladies2 team won the Indoor Beach Volleyball Super league 2016 grand final over the weekend.

We Get This a Lot

When patients show their appreciation, we love our jobs even more. Thank you to Ted. Now our favourite patient.

Sensitive Teeth

We are virtually overloaded these days with advertisements on TV and social media extolling the virtues of the new “wonder toothpaste” that will cure all your aches and pains and eliminate sensitivity, making the world a better place for ice-cream eaters worldwide! The truth is that when we have a sensitive tooth, it is often the tooth tryi[...]

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