Rokeby Dental Surgery Cancer Support Service

Cancer Support Service

Here at Rokeby we are committed to improving and maintaining the health of the whole patient and such we are proud to unveil our Cancer Support Service.

People undergoing treatment for many different types of cancer often suffer very unpleasant oral side effects which can make a difficult time in their lives even worse.

These side effects can range from simple dry-mouth to to very painful ulcers and even out-of-control tooth decay and gum disease.

Sometimes oral complications can be so severe that they interfere with cancer treatment, causing delays as well as discomfort.

For all patients diagnosed with cancer we offer an oral support service including full examination, dental x-rays and photographs where required, comprehensive advice and some helpful products for a nominal fee of $50 out of pocket.

All we need is a note from your GP or oncologist. We will provide you with the referral form.

Contact us now for an appointment on (08) 9381 6611.

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